Sunday, March 25, 2012

Out of All the Fish in the Sea.......

I finally found the one for me!

Or at least my sister Ally did anyway.

I've had my fish for awhile.

Here's some pictures from her appropriately themed wedding shower.

She loves the beach.

Yep, we had live fish as centerpieces!

Beautiful dessert table!

Smores on the Beach cupcakes made by my sister in law.

Homemade seashell candy.

Crab soap favor.

Fish soap favor.


What would a wedding shower be without a little Blue Hawaiian & a fancy umbrella?

Presents & a sweet little banner!

This was a really fun theme for a beach lovin girl.

For more fun ideas go to:

Friday, March 9, 2012

To The Critics of Invisible Children's 2012 KONY Campaign

I have NEVER done something like this on my blog before. It's a little bit scary but I am putting my feelings here, instead of Facebook, so that you can choose not to read this post. I feel so strongly about this issue. For those who don't know me well.....I am VERY sensitive about the rights of children. All children. From all walks of life, anywhere. I have been from a very small age. I would cry for hours after watching 20/20 episodes on orphans in other countries, etc. Images of children being hurt or abused haunt me on a daily basis. That is why this issue (KONY), disturbs me on a very deep level. If you don't know what I am talking about, go here! Then do a google search and find all the negative criticisms of this organization, Invisible Children. Be informed, read both sides of the story. I did. That's what is upsetting me the most. Here's what I know.......Kony is responsible for maiming, raping, torturing, kidnapping, & enslaving thousands of children.....irrefutable FACT. I don't care if it was 100 kids or 60,000 kids, I don't care if IC is hiding money, I don't care if they only have 4 board members, I don't care that BBB isn't on board with their organization, I don't care if they are using shady means to find him.......the only part in this equation that matters to that Kony is found, brought to justice & he isn't allowed to harm 1 single child ever again in his lifetime. Please look at the bigger picture, it's time, the world needs to send a message to Kony & to all the others just like him, we will NOT tolerate these crimes against humanity. We will NOT idly stand by and allow you to harm children anymore! We all need to take a stand and protect our children. All children!