Sunday, March 25, 2012

Out of All the Fish in the Sea.......

I finally found the one for me!

Or at least my sister Ally did anyway.

I've had my fish for awhile.

Here's some pictures from her appropriately themed wedding shower.

She loves the beach.

Yep, we had live fish as centerpieces!

Beautiful dessert table!

Smores on the Beach cupcakes made by my sister in law.

Homemade seashell candy.

Crab soap favor.

Fish soap favor.


What would a wedding shower be without a little Blue Hawaiian & a fancy umbrella?

Presents & a sweet little banner!

This was a really fun theme for a beach lovin girl.

For more fun ideas go to:


  1. Love this Amy! Great ideas and fun loving theme!

  2. Super cute ideas here! Glad to see you blogging :)