Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the road......

I have to say one of my favorite parts of this trip was that it was part "road trip".
Driving across a foreign country you get to see so much more.  You are so far removed from the "tourist" places, out where the people live and work and play.  Luckily, our amazing guide liked to stop, a ton, so we felt like we didn't miss a thing.
 Roadside restaurant.  Could have stay here all day.
 Gasoline for sale!!
Yep, in soda bottles!
 Rats.....for export to Vietnam.
Evidently it's a booming business, although, not the cleanest.
 Rest stop!  Asian style toilets, squat, no flush, no tp!
At least there is that handy bucket of water.
 Roadside snack!
Pretty sure we tried every roadside snack in Cambodia.
Crispy fried tarantula!
 OH!  It's actually not that bad!
Tasted a bit like a BBQ potato chip!
 The streets are always busy!
Chicken delivery guy.
Yes that is a TON of chickens hanging upside down from a motorbike.
Serious serious talent!!!
My personal favorite roadside snack.....Krolan!!!
Was so unbelievably good.
Rice, beans, coconut, and a bit of sugar packed into bamboo and roasted over a fire.
Pretty sure our group ate about 25 of these.
 Beautiful lotus!

 Another roadside snack....lotus seeds.

The lotus seeds inside the pods.
They looked like a tiny egg or a very large pearl.
Didn't have much of a taste, a little bitter and crunchy.
Up next.....the capital city of Cambodia!

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