Friday, July 23, 2010

Nebraska: Day Three

Secret service investigating some crop circles.
Just kidding.
It's our rental car.
We decided to take a drive out to some farms.

Children of the corn! :o)
One would think my children had never seen corn before.
The kids were running through some poor farmers corn field like wild banshees.

Soy beans!

Nature center at Pioneer Park!

Reptiles and amphibians have a thing for Morgan!

Walking through a prairie at Pioneer park.
It was really really humid that day.
We were dying.

Cute old school house.

Even the Elk thought it was too hot.
Shortly after I snapped this pick they jumped in the pond.

A little turtle that we almost ran over.
I got out and saved it. (Of course)

A daily ritual for us!
It was hot, we had to eat lots of ice cream!

All of the Furrer's concur, this sign speaks the truth!
We indulged almost every day we were there.
Even when we were in Omaha.
The best soft serve in the whole world.

Lots of Furrer's cramed into one hotel room to watch the World Cup Finals!
Most of us didn't want to be photographed, except for the kids, of course.

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