Sunday, March 6, 2016

Superfood Smoothie Recipe

No need to buy expensive protein powders or diet shakes!!!
You can make your own super food real food smoothie with everything you need in it.
I truly believe that the less processed ingredients we put in our body the better off we will be.  Protein shakes & meal replacement powders are highly processed.
Try a google's a bit scary!
Superfood Smoothie!
1 large handful of greens (spinach, kale, chard are delicious)
1/2 cup raw cashews
1 heaping tablespoon hemp seed
1 tablespoon raw coconut butter (sometimes called manna)
1 fresh or frozen banana
1 cup or more frozen fruit (I love pineapple, mango & berries)
8 - 12oz of water depending on how you like the thickness of your smoothie
Blend until smooth.  I use my nutri bullet but a regular blender should work fine just make sure to blend it long enough to get the nuts & seeds nice and smooth.
Now I realize some of these ingredients may be a bit foreign so here is an explanation of the health benefits. 
Benefits of coconut butter:
  • It’s rich in lauric acid, which boosts immunity and destroys harmful bacteria, viruses, and     funguses.
  • It actually boosts your metabolism, which aids in weight loss and increases energy levels.
  • It’s packed with healthy fats, so you feel full longer.
  • It’s full of essential amino acids, calcium, and magnesium

  • Benefits of hemp seed:
  • Excellent 3:1 balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which promote cardiovascular health.
  • High in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential omega-6 fatty acid found in borage oil and egg yolks that has been proven to naturally balance hormones.
  • “Perfect protein” not only containing all 20 amino acids, but also each of the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce.
  • Rich in soluble and un-soluble fiber which naturally cleanses the colon and reduces sugar cravings

  • Benefits of cashews:
  • Good body builder
  • Cashew has no cholesterol.
  • Cashew helps maintain healthy gums and teeth.
  • Cashew is an energizing food.
  • Cashew contains healthy monounsaturated fat that promotes good cardiovascular health, because monounsaturated fats reduce high triglyceride levels which are associated with increased risk for heart disease.
  • Cashew is rich in antioxidants that help in the elimination of free radicals that may cause some cancer
  • Magnesium works with calcium to support healthy muscles and bones in the body. It also helps promote normal sleep patterns in menopausal women.
  • Cashew nuts have a high energy density and high amount of dietary fiber, both have been attributed to a beneficial effect on weight management, but only when eaten in moderation
  • Cashew's has high copper content is vital in energy production, greater flexibility in blood vessels, bones and joints.
  • Cashew nut consumption helps the body utilize iron, eliminate free radicals, develop bone and connective tissue, and produce the skin and hair pigment melanin.

    I'm assuming that most of you know the benefits of greens, fruits & bananas so I won't go into that.  The really nice thing about this recipe is that you can vary your greens, nuts & fruits to give yourself different flavors and nutrients.

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