Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweet Surprises!!!!

I ordered a beautiful necklace for my sister as a birthday gift! To my surprise when I opened my package, my sweet friend Lisa Leonard had sent me this adorable necklace! I love it sooooo much!!!! Thank you Lisa!

To top it off, when I opened the package for my custom lip balm labels look at the super cute button she made me with my mascot on it! Thank you Jeanne!


  1. LUCKY DUCK! i need friends like this. a nice friend like u truly deserves it amy...BUT LISA FREAKIN' LEONARD!!! im just saying...so jealous :) ~ LOVE IT!

  2. jealous too!!! does she make cute things like that for stalker friends? ;)

  3. LOL! You girls are too much! :o)