Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What We Wore Wednesday For Back To School

This is sooo sad for me. (tears)
My oldest kids first day of their senior year. (tears)
I didn't even get to drive them to school. (tears)
My son has his own car and he drove. (tears)
I waited until I got home to start the balling. I will savor every moment of this last year. It's sooo strange coming to the realization that my job raising these two amazing individuals is almost at an end. I am soooo blessed to have the two most wonderful, loving, enthusiastic, caring, and wonderful teenagers any mother could have asked for. They are sooo special and unique. And now I am crying so much that I can't see the computer screen anymore.
On with the rest of this post!
Our annual back to school pic!

Averie's first day of first grade!

Morgan's first day of 7th grade!

Bayleee's first day of 12th grade!

Jacob's first day of 12th grade!

My first day of back to work!
No more sweats and pj's for me.
Shirts - Style's for Less (Our new favorite store, Bay's outift came from there too)
Jeans - Old Navy
Camera - Birthday present from my DH
Camera Strap - Shey B
Ugh, I can see again but I am still sad.
Enjoy the day!
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  1. ur kiddies look so FAB & very studious too of course ;) cannot believe the biggies are seniors! YIKES!!! here's to a great school year for all of you & NO MORE GROWING UP! sheesh!

    *(im thinking mama needs to find a Style's For Less)CUTE!!!

    * oh & cute curls Baygirl