Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unplugged Sunday #2

It's amazing how much you can do without electronic distractions for a whole day!!!!

I am in awe at how wonderful it can be.

Matt & I got up early, we let the kids sleep in.

We stacked a TON of wood, hiked around our house & I made the most delicious Apple Oat Breakfast Cake.

We played Monopoly, Yahtzee, & had a penguin dance party in Averie's room.

Matt fixed the chicken coop gate that need repair & I shoveled paths in the snow for the chickens.

They were tired of being cooped up.

The girls went sledding.

Collected eggs & then scrambled them!

And a little more walking around outside.

I cleaned the house & Matt learned how to repel off a cliff for his upcoming trip.

The girls helped me .

We ate well too!
Eggs, fruit, apple cake for breakfast.

Tuna melt quesadillas, pears & apples for lunch.

Chicken & spinach stir fry, brown rice & veggies for dinner.

At the end of the evening we all got out our favorite magazines & read until bedtime.

Matt = Backpacker, Me = MJ's Farm, Tobi = Rolling Stone, Morgan = Teen, Averie = Highlights

Matt and I are loving it so far. The kids aren't completely convinced yet. Maybe once the weather warms up a bit and we can do more hiking they will enjoy it more.

We will see!

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  1. WELL DONE! we started doing Unplugged Sunday when it 1st started & did good (dont even think i blogged about it). i LOVED it & agree it's amazing how much u accomplish. it was hard for the girlies & Ryan at 1st (esp during football season)...then i think i started to lag when we started to work on weekends. But i'm going to join back in with u! & i'll TRY to blog about it too...(i'm such a bad blogger these days ;)