Saturday, January 19, 2013

Super Simple Supper & Simple Dressing

Last night I was super tired and grumpy.
I needed a really simple dinner.
So I made a salad bar.
My girls LOVE salad bar, believe it or not.
I think they like having control over what they are eating.
I LOVE it because they are getting a plate full of healthy things!
I made a homemade dressing to top our salads.
It was really simple to make and tastes yummy.
So I will share the recipe with you.

Super Simple Dressing
Add 1 1/2 cups olive oil, 2/3 cup red wine vinegar, 1 Tbls. mustard (I used Dijon), 1 tsp each salt, pepper & coconut sugar & 1 1/2 tsp Trader Joe's 21 seasoning salute to a large jar. 
Shake well and refrigerate.
Note:  You can use regular white sugar in place of the coconut sugar & use Italian seasoning in place of the 21 season salute.
Tonight I am going to attempt a Vegan Cream of Spinach soup.  I will let you know how it goes.

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