Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Side of my Refrigerator

Magnetic chore chart from Target helps to keep my little girls on track. All thCheck Spellinge little stars are magnetic! I love it!
Magnetic and dry erase weekly menu organizer from Target. It even includes a shopping list! It's great for me or my kids to jot down things when we run out.

I also have a dry erase phone list, that includes all our neighbors, dr's, and family members.
The kids put up the school lunch calendar, even though they rarely eat a school lunch.


  1. I'm visiting from WIWW on the Pleated poppy, but had to say, I'm really jealous of how organized you are! I need that cool menu organizer!

  2. It's truly out of necessity TJ. With four kids, and 2 jobs I have no choice but to be organized! :o) I bought the menu organizer about a month ago at Target! I bet they still have it.