Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

This whole process is very humbling, daunting but actually very helpful! Somedays I look at the picture and say "Hmm, maybe I should change!" I also like having these as a reference so I can look back at outfits that work! :o) Have a great day everybody!
Again, I need to leave early, when I come back I will list sources and explanations!

Work day, taking girls to dance, and library!

Pants, T, and sweater all Old Navy.

Flats, Etnies a hand me down from my sister.

Volunteering in the morning and work in the pm.

Jeans from Target.

White T from Old Navy.

Orange tank from local surf shop.

Brown flats from Gottschalks.

Really really super cool sun bracelet hand made for me by my Aunt Mary Jane.

There are no weekend pictures and this is why..........I look scary when I am working outside!

Work day and take the kids out to ice cream after work!

Tanks and cardigan from Old Navy.

Jeans and flats from Target.

Posies from the Pleated Poppy.

Work and errand day!

Dress from a local boutique called Weekend in Paris.

Leggings and flats from Target.

A quick note: I wear a necklace from Lisa Leonard everyday!
Another note, after looking at some other WIWW posts I realized that my "work wear" seemed really casual. I figured I better explain what I do. :o) I work in an RSP classroom with special needs kids. I push wheelchairs, get many boogery hugs, and get to love on 12 amazing kidos! Hence the casual and comfort level of my work clothes. I have the most rewarding job on the planet and I truly truly love what I do. That's a whole other post in itself. Maybe I will include that in my next weeks WIWW, since it's our last week of school.


  1. Visiting from Pleated Poppy -- I too miss her WWIW!! Love that last dress and that hand-made bracelet!

  2. Thanks Katie! Hopefully she will be back next week.