Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wow this was a little scary for me! I am still undecided about looking at myself like this but I enjoy seeing what other people wear so I decided to join in!
I have to go to work early this am so when I get back this afternoon I will add more to my post!
For now, here it is!
This was field trip day for my special needs first graders! We went to the zoo.
The capris, white tank and black sweater are from Old Navy.
The gray ruffled tank is from a local boutique.
Necklaces from Lisa Leonard.

Another work day!

White T, flowered cardigan, and flats are from Old Navy.

Ancient Levi's are from ???

They are so old I can't remember.

Not Pretty! Working on the Farm day!
Does it really matter where this monstrosity came from? :o)

Headed to a Farmgirl Sisterhood meeting!
Shorts, top and flats all from Target!
Necklaces from Lisa Leonard!
Posy from Pleated Poppy!

Another exciting work day!
Skirt, T and flip flops from Target!
Necklace from Lisa Leonard.
Posies from Pleated Poppy.

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  1. Hello i'm visiting from What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy. I'm loving seeing everyone's different styles, Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. CUTENESS!!!!! :)

    LOVE that orange skirt!!! Old Navy?
    We have to keep throwing raingear on over our cute outfits here! You must be enjoying sunshine! :)


  3. You look so pretty. But it is a little scary to take pictures like this, huh? I was not enjoying it this morning.

    Came over from Pleated Poppy.
    Have a great day!

  4. *love* the second outfit! and are those posies i see some other days? ;)

  5. Your maxi skirt is brilliant! Where is it from? I also love the second outfit! I think I have the shoes you're wearing there, Old Navy?

  6. super cute! love all the cute ballet flats!

  7. Visiting from Pleated Poppy -- LOVE that long skirt!

  8. Thank you ladies for all your very sweet comments! I am finally home from a very long day and I am going to go back and list where everything is from! And yes, I am a HUGE fan of Pleated Poppy posies and I find a way to wear one almost every day! :o)

  9. LOVE LOVE that last outfit!!

  10. Love this Amy ~ and you ALWAYS look so cute!! This might be a fun challenge, or "project" for the Farmgirls to try. Made me stop and think about where most of my clothes come from. Let's see, does it count as Gap, if I got it at a Thrift Store? ;)

  11. ur so-o stinkin' cute amy! i keep trying to bring myself to do this, maybe now i will. my khakis & tee uniform may get boring though LOL