Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little Fun & Some Sun

WARNING: there are a LOT of pictures in this post!
We took a little vacation to the coast. (FUN)
It included a college tour & some apartment hunting. (Not so fun)

This is what it looked like the morning we left.
I am NOT going to miss it.
We are on our way!

And what it looked like when we arrived.

We immediately hit the beach.
I had my flippy floppies on before I got out of the car.

Our first nights dinner.
The BEST, and yes I mean it, seafood I have ever had!!!!
It was soooo worth the 1.5 hour wait.
Matt getting "bibbed" at the Cracked Crab!
Now what do we do with all this stuff???

Visiting the Bassett's at the RV Park.
Our second nights dinner.
I was laughing too Sydney.
Morgan is silly.
This was the infamous fat wool sock with flippy floppy night.
No pics but I am sure you can get a visual.
Wake up Jake!!!!!
I could eat breakfast here every morning.

I adore succulents.
Alas, it's to cold at my house.
Pictures will have to suffice.
Lots and lots of beach fun!

And lots of pool fun.
My kids think that it's "AWESOME" to be able to swim in the winter time.
Worked for me.
I laid in the sun and caught up on some reading.
Oh, Powell's candy shoppe.
How I love you.
You provide endless hours of fun.
See below.
Jumbo pack of "staches", best 5 bucks I ever spent.
I have no idea who those people are.


What fun is the gum wall if you can't freak your Mom out???

Awww.....heart shaped gum!

Bay's addition to the wall.
Peace gum.

Headed home today.
We prefer to travel in style.
Mustache style....that is.
We had to stop and visit some family first.
Now that we're men.......

Anna gettin in on the action.

Key key trying it on for size.

Represent.....the stache.
We are the Furrer's after all.

And were off.
Back to the real world.
Big Thanks to the Bassett Bunch & the Leonard Family for having our furry crew over for dinners. We appreciate the hospitality tremendously!

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