Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIWW: New Reality

Yeah, this week is pretty lame.
I was sick with a horrible sinus infection for a week.
You really didn't want to see those outfits.
Trust me.
Finally back to work!
Cargo Skinny Pants - Old Navy
Black Top - Miley Cyrus for Wal Mart
Cardi - Target
Boots - Chinese Laundry
Necklace - Lisa Leonard

Here's my new reality!

I wear these.......a lot.

I am training for a half marathon at the end of March with my Farmgirls.

Hopefully I will still have time for blogging!

For now, all my free time is spent running, walking or doing yoga.

Here's to my 2011 fitness goals!

Did you make any health/fitness goals for this year??


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I made fitness goals but I've got to be honest, I havent been working on them!

  2. Sorry you have been sick. Your outfit is cute, even if your not feeling it. Get well soon. :)

  3. Love the skinny cargos! I made a goal to run a half marathon last fall, but then during my training baby #3 decided it was great timing for him instead. So, after I lose the baby weight- I'm due in April- I want to finish, er, start over with the half marathon training!