Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's All About A Half Marathon

I owe you a post about my half marathon.

I don't know what's been taking me sooo long.

So let's start from the very beginning..........

I have this friend, Shauna, she's one of my farmgirls.

We were having a phone conversation one night waaaay back in January and she says to me "I want to actually stick to my fitness goals this year, let's run a race." Now I don't know if she actually meant it or not but a few days later I signed up to run the River City Half Marathon. Most of my friends know that if you verbalize a goal, Amy (Me), will find a way to push so that you achieve that goal. I like to push myself as well.

(I think they are afraid to tell me things now! teehee)

So feeling the heat, Shauna signed up as well. Followed by Julie, another farmgirl, and then Sunny, also a farmgirl. My 17 year old son Jacob also joined the pack.

I am not a runner. So this was a real stretch for me.

We trained our hearts out for over 2 months!!

We became runners & walkers.

Sunny and I at packet pick up.

This was a very nerve racking moment for me.

It meant no turning back.

It made it all too real.

Just leaving the starting line!

Jacob in the bright yellow shirt.

Sunny in all black.

Shauna in the bright blue long sleeve.

Me with the beige hat & big ole grin in front of Jacob.

Julie in all black directly in front of me.

Team J&A at mile 8.2!

Still going strong and feeling pretty good.

We ran the WHOLE way.

Julie's knee was bothering her most of the race but she toughed it out and stuck with me.

Jacob (ahhh, youth) was about a mile ahead of us.

Team Shauna & Sunny were power walking the race so they were just a bit behind.

Sweet Success!

The finish line.

I am putting my hands in the air & balling my eyes out.

Our time was 2 hours 50 mins!!!! It was my all time personal best.

(The time clock was set for the marathoners, they started an hour before us.)

Honestly, one of the happiest days of my life.

Nothing feels as good as setting a MAJOR life changing goal......and fulfilling it.

It really truly makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

I couldn't have done it without my dear friends.

They encourage me, inspire me & motivate me to be the best me that I can be.

Thank you girls & Jake for the incredible experience.

I am sooo grateful that I got to share something so amazing with such amazing people.

Look out comes the Farmgirls!

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