Monday, July 11, 2011

Front Porch

I have been wanting to decorate my front porch for as long as I have lived here.

I am finally getting around to it. :)

It is one of the coolest places to sit in the summertime.

My animals figured that out right away.

There is alway a cat, dog or chicken lounging on the porch somewhere.

Here's the before picture.

We had to start from the ground up.

Matt sanded & restained the decking first.

I love my rummage sale chairs & round table!

I spray painted the chairs red!

The table cover is my Aunt MaryJane's. I think she made it.....awhile ago. I hope she doesn't want it back. ;)
The little bird used to be a poop brown color. It was on clearance at Target for $1. I spray painted it Robin's Egg Blue. Much better!
I found the cute enamel pail at Home Goods.
The Welcome Summer blocks came from Etsy.
That amazing antique door I scored at Three Speckled Hens last fall when I was working a booth. It was love at first sight.

I love my little wreath.
And I am not above shamelessly plugging my friend Lisa's home decor products!
I love them!!!!
Her pennant banner makes this whole wreath!
The wreath literally took me 5 minutes to put together.
I love quick n' easy!

These lights......I hated them.

Until I got ahold of a can of spray paint.
Now I LOVE them!

I am going to dub this "The Summer of Spray Paint!"

I have been spray painting everything.

My fingernails & toenails are black from all the spray paint.

It's almost done!

I am on the hunt for a hanging porch swing for that spot all the way at the end of the porch.

Can't believe I am having such a hard time finding one.


I had to hose the deck down. :(

My chickens missed their Mother Hen (me) this weekend & they decided to hang out on the porch all day long waiting for me (and pooping).


  1. I love the porch transformation. I think the white painted door really sets it all off. Terrific:)

  2. LOVE the door! It turned out SOOOO great! Darn I wish i would have known you were looking for a swing - i just sold one at the last Hens show! I will keeo my eyes open for you!