Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our Fun 4th T's

Averie's fun 4th T!

I finished up our T's n' Tanks for the 4th!

I used fabric scraps I had, buttons, & basic T's n Tanks from Old Navy.

These are SUPER easy to make & do not require a sewing machine.

Which was nice for me since I have no table to sew on.

My deck furniture is squashed into my dining room. Makes my dining table unusable.

Anyways, here's what I did.

I made flowers!

I tore. Yes, tore. Strips of fabric in 3 different widths depending on what size flower I wanted.

They were 2"x 12" for the large flowers, 1.5" x 10" for the medium sized & 1"x 10" for the small.

Then using a needle and thread (I used 2 strands of white embroidery thread) with a knot on one end, sew a loose running stitch along one side of the torn fabric strip.

Pull the thread to gather the strip.

Overlap the edges of the fabric strip and secure by sewing a button in the center.

I used the same thread to sew the flower & button directly on to the shirt.

So make sure you have a long piece of thread.

Here's my tank!

I lightly pressed the flowers just a bit.

These were sew easy & only took me about 30 minutes!

Can't wait for the 4th!!!

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  1. Amy; You should have some shirts silk screened, but you have to make some for the men, not girlie designs!!! lol:<),Uncle Jeff, Happy 4TH!!!

  2. How cute...and with that tutorial you made it seem easy enough for even me to try :) Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog this evening, I am so happy to be your newest follower!

  3. great minds think alike - earlier this week I posted about my 4th tanks, quite similar I might add :) been wanting to make flowers like your's - going to try it out today - thanks for the tutorial!