Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fun Places to Go in Slo!

This week we went for a quick trip to SLO.

My big kids had found an apartment they wanted me to look at, so we drove over for just 1.5 days.

We had a TON of fun!

I had my little girls & my Aunt MaryJane with me.

Of course, we had to go to Ruby Rose!

My girls LOVED & I mean LOVED this store!!!!

The owners are sooo much fun, we had a blast.

The girls ready to hunt for treasures!

Averie found what she wanted before we even went in the store.

I covet this.

Not in my price range this trip. :(

Note: The rest of the pictures below were taken by my 7 year old Averie.

Want to have a whole new perspective through the lens???

Give your camera to your kids!


It was hilarious!

I loved this dress.

Alas, it didn't fit me.

Averie took a picture for me so I could always remember that dress.

Something I did buy!

This absolutely PERFECT for my house letter F.

I love it & Aver's pic of it.

Something else I bought!

Morgan wants a cool looking pinboard.

This frame was perfect for what she wants.

Again, the photo was all Averie's idea!

A pair of clogs that Averie really wanted.

Tee Hee......:)

A little to big.

She took the pic of them on her feet.

My Aunt MaryJane dreaming of this lovely vintage gown!

Cute stuff everywhere!

I was in treasure heaven.

I just love Averie's pictures!

She is quite the little photographer.

After a fun morning shopping we really needed some caffeine.

The shop owners at Ruby Rose sent us to the cutest little coffee shop.

Sally Loo's named after the owners pit bull.

Super yummy coffee drinks!

Great atmosphere!

They also had the most incredible assortment of fresh baked goods.

We wanted to try everything but we limited ourselves to 3!

Chai Blueberry Coffee Cake, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie & a Berry Crumble Bar.

Everything was delicious & obviously homemade.

We met my dear friend & her son for lunch at a great little place called Laguna Grill & we ended our day with a walk on the Avila Pier.

It was a fast fun 36 hour visit!

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