Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Typical Tuesday

Tuesday doesn't really get much notoriety.

It's kind of a ho hum day of the week.

I am working in the garden today, so I gave Averie my camera.

I just love getting her perspective on things.

After 2 minutes of snap pea picking.......ugh.

Save meeeee!

Align Center

I love this!

I could eat berries every single meal.

Sugar snap peas.......not so much. :)

Aver's pic of a bee.
I just love how they can sound like angry old ladies arguing sometimes.

Immediately after this picture was taken we had to have a discussion about the Birds and the Bugs.

No, sweetheart those bugs are not Siamese twins. ;)

I love that girl.

This makes me so incredibly happy.

My first raspberries!

Again, I love berries, a lot!

My sweet girls hanging out in the shade of the oak tree.
I adore my chicks.

Averie's picture of me.
She also tried her hand at photo editing......not to shabby for her being 7!
I think this is a definite candidate for What I Wore Wednesday! HA!

Happy Tuesday!
Anyone else have anything exciting going on? ;)

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