Monday, November 15, 2010

Handmade Gift #1

Over the course of the next 4 weeks my goal is to give you (my loyal blog readers)
12 handmade gift ideas!
They will not all be in succession.
(I have ADD and I may get side tracked from time to time)
I will try to keep them simple and always provide you with source information.
There may even be a guest blogger from time to time.
And maybe a giveaway here and there.
So keep checkin in so you don't miss out on the fun!
Homemade Vanilla Extract
This was sooooo incredibly easy!
I am wondering why I haven't been doing this all along.

I bought these cute 16 oz jars from Cost Plus,
they were $4.99 each.
I liked them because they had a pour spout and were a little bit larger.
(I use a lot of vanilla)
I bought vanilla beans from Mountain Rose Herbs.
I buy a LOT of my oils, etc from them and I love their products.
I split 2 vanilla beans down the middle and left the tops attached.
I put the 2 split beans in my jar and poured plain vodka to the top of the jar.
Steep in a cool, dark place. A cabinet is fine.
You must steep them for eight weeks but you can include instructions on when to use,
and how to replenish for your gift recipient.
Once you have used half the jar, you can just refill with more vodka and give it a good shake.
For someone who loves to bake (like me) or someone who is a foodie (me again) or someone who is a vanilla snob (guilty) this is a great gift.
Nielsen-Massey Vanilla costs $18.95 for 8 oz.
Homemade costs around $10.00 for 16 oz.