Saturday, November 20, 2010

Handmade Hijack...

When Amy asked me to be a guest blogger, 
I have to admit.
I was GIDDY-as-if-on-oprah's-favorite-things-episode and NERVOUS-as-in-jeopardy-topic-i-know-nothing-about.

Not that I don't know anything about handmade.
But nervous because it's HER blog and I don't want to be a dork.

However, after I tell you this story your mind will be forever made up.
(about the dorkiness that is...)
I have a hard time posting a blog without a story.
And even though this doesn't have much to do with my actual "handmade," 
it's a story and it must be told.

When I was 8 I bought a box of Plaster of Paris and some cheap molds.
I poured and set molds for about 3 days straight.
Dried and cured them.
Painted and sealed them.
I then announced to my parents that I was going to open up my own business.
"The Popcorn Kid"
(what the what??? i know. dork)

Then my dad taught me my first lesson in self-employment/business.

He asked, "Why would someone want to buy those?" 
[not in a mean hurtful way, but in a thought provoking-lesson learning way]
"I dunno" my eight year old self replied.
"Would YOU buy these?" he quizzed.
"Ummm, uhhhhh, no." It was my honest response.
"Why?" He was really just trying to make me think through my marketing strategy I'm sure.
However, what it really came down to was this:
"They are ugly. *sniffle sniffle*  And, I'm pretty sure they don't do anything!" I emotionally blurted.
That my friends was the end of "The Popcorn Kid".

I'm pretty sure I learned a little something from my eight-year-old trials.
Give people something that you would want.
Usefulness is a good thing.

So here is my contribution to THE 12 DAYS OF HANDMADE
digital delightfulness in the form of a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Copy this .jpg version and glue to a bottle of super yummy Trader Joe's Sparkling Lemonade.
Give it as a gift (cuz it's THAT good!) or make them for your holiday party.
Either way, it's awesome and useful.
Two important things I have learned!!
{here is an example of one i did for my sister-in-law's baby shower}

Enjoy! If you ever need any custom labels done for your next fancy pants me over at
::from the catbird seat::  or my etsy shop ::heartpressed designs::
Joni Lane

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