Monday, January 10, 2011


Were you all wondering??
What happened to her?
Where did she go?
Well, here it a very large nutshell.
Where I was, where I went, what happened to me.
I did LOTS of this.
Shows, shows, soap, soap & soap.
I had LOTS of this.
I even went sledding down the driveway in my truck.
Not fun.
This beautiful amazing wonderful girl turned 17! (tears)

Some of our family ventured up to our place to celebrate.
Her sweet friend Emily made her that amazing red velvet cake. (So sweet)

My sweet lil Avers turned 7!
I made these yummy "healthy" cupcakes for her class.
(Recipe to follow)

We celebrated at Red Robin's with Macy Lou!

Yep.....more of this.
I told you I did a LOT of this.

Winter Solstice celebration at the Mullins-Hoekstra Farm.
I love this tradition.

Sunny's Apple Pie in a jar!
So cute and yum-o!

A fun holiday party, with some very dear friends
& this surprise gift from Lisa.
I LOVE IT!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!

Break out your dishtowels & napkins.
It's time for the Christmas Eve pajama party rendition of
"If I Were A Rich Man".
Our family is just a little obsessed with musicals.
This is a holiday family tradition.
I have been doing this since I was very small.

Uncle Dan's choreographed performance of the Chipmunk's Christmas song, minus his usual backup dancers
(Averie & Morgan).

Matching pajama family Christmas!
It's also Matt's 38th birthday!
Wow he's old.
Cabin Christmas
Table, decor & cabin courtesy of my famous Aunt Mary Jane!
I love her.
Ladybug colonies courtesy of mother nature.

Beautiful walk, beautiful surroundings.
I was really missing my Uncle Chris, Uncle Mel & my Grandma Fancy.
We have had a rough couple of years on my Mom's side of the family and I really needed some time away.......we have the most wonderful memories of cabin Christmas.
I wanted to feel close to those memories.
I needed to.
My favorite memory is the year we all stayed up really late......possibly a little tipsy (Matt & Courtney), and my Grandma was laughing so hard she almost fell out of her chair.
Averie was little and we were playing Catch Phrase. She wanted a turn so bad, so we let her try. She was making up her own words.....wagging her little finger at us with the most intense serious look on her face. She would get so upset when we had no idea what she was talking about.
It really was funny.
That's what I love about my family.
We are all soooo incredibly goofy, we laugh so hard when we are together.
I needed that.
It was a wonderful, crazy, hectic, fun, chaotic, exciting, melancholy month.
I left a lot out of this post.
Imagine more craft shows, neighborhood holiday parties, out of town trips, school stuff, work stuff, etc, etc etc.
I loved every minute of it and am so thankful for the wonderful family, friends & opportunities we have in our lives.
I am also thankful that it's over.
I am tired.
I am fried.
So please.....bare with me.
I will get back to my blogging.
I have lots of ideas to share.
Lots of Love & So looking forward to sharing this new year with you!


  1. I do have to say I missed keeping up with you... but I just miss you in general, so it was good to read your thoughts! I love you!