Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WIWW: Better Late Than Never

These are backwards.
But I am will forgive me.....right??
I cleaned out my closet.
So one would think I would have done better this week.
Alas, I am sick, feel terrible, have no motivation to get dressed.
I didn't iron at all.
Does anyone else have this nasty cough that is going around??
I am soooo over the kids being sick & sharing their germies with me.
Poor kids......poor me.
Dragging myself to work day!
Jeans & Ruffled Cardi - Target
Grey Ruffled Shirt - Old Navy Online Tall
Necklaces - Lisa
Work & Costco
Jeans & Black Tee - Old Navy
Grey Sweater - Boutique in San Fran
Black Boots - Chinese Laundry/Gottschalks
Necklaces - Lisa
Jeans - Target
Grey Tee - Apothecary Designs
Crop Sweater - Old Navy
Obviously my favorite black boots!
Necklaces - Lisa
Cute Hair Flower - Sunny
This day just makes me laugh! HA!
I was obviously not having it.
Sweater, T, Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - Keen (my feet were made for Keen's & vice versa)
Grey Ruffled Scarf - Claire's
This is my fave this week!
Work Day
Black Dress - Gottschalks
Leggings & Long Sleeved T - Old Navy
Boots - Keen (I have mentioned that I LOVE Keens?)
Super Cute Scarf - Julie Vogue
I am linking up to the Pleated Poppy!
Have a Great Week Everybody!


  1. Love the gray scarf! precious! I need to find me a good cute scarf like that...
    You have really cute outfits! :) I also like that grey tee from Apothecary Designs!

  2. I like you hair pulled back away from your face. Photo 3 is a cute shot.

  3. LOVE those black boots, and that last outfit!

  4. Love the dress with the turquoise scarf. Looks great on you. I know what you mean about Keen, Im a fan also. Sorry you have been sick, but glad you posted your WIWW photos.