Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Color of the Day


A tree in our front yard.

We are being pounded with a massive winter storm.

It's been like a white out at our house for almost 24 hours now.

It's like where's Waldo except it's where's the driveway??

Can you find it??

My poor buried garden & that's one of my elderberry bushes.

My clothesline looks like a little tree sticking up out of the snow.

I am almost done shoveling off our deck.

The snow bank it created is sooo high, the kids and I are going to jump off the deck into it.

When you are snowed in and tired of shoveling snow, Jake will show you how to make food creatures. This is his apple swan.

My son is very talented! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday!


  1. Oh WoW, I hope we don't see anymore snow this Spring!!! I'm ready for sunshine and warm temps. It is quite beautiful though. Your right, you have a very talented son. It really does look like a swan :)

  2. Wow the snow is gorgeous! I have not seen or felt snow since the beginning of 2005, sometimes I wish I could escape the heat of Australia for this. The heat in Bangkok is climbing, it will be around 40C and very humid in April...Have fun jumping into it from your balcony :)