Tuesday, March 22, 2011


What I wore Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday..........


It's this Sunday.

I am sooo excited.

So if you are interested in seeing a 30 something mother of 4 go from 0 to half marathon in 9 weeks stay tuned.

If I make it back alive I will surely blog about it!


I will get back to my regular WIWW when my entire life doesn't revolve around running.

Running pant & long sleeve Patagonia shirt - REI

(Yes, I am wearing skin tight pants. I haven't worn pants like this since I was 17. It was a little embarrassing at first but they do make a big difference.)

Asics running shoes - Sierra Running Co.

Super cool T - Made for me by the fabulous Julie Chrisman.

(Just in case you can't see, it says "Run Farmgirl Run!)

I love it!

Do I look like this when I run??


A girl can dream can't she??
I am linking up to the Pleated Poppy!


  1. You look fabulous, my friend!!! I'm so impressed by you!