Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Can Use My Camera!!!

My dear friend Joni, who has become an amazing photographer, hosted a camera/photo class for our little Farmgirl group.
Thank goodness because I have had my camera for 9 months now & I had no idea what 98% of the buttons were for.
Of course, in typical Farmgirl style we had to have a little food first.
Yummy salads!
She even made us reference guides!

I learned sooo much about my camera & I am sooo excited to try all the things that I have learned.
Thanks J for taking the time to teach us & to help us earn our Shutterbug badge!


  1. isn't it fun!!!! i can't wait to see some of the stuff you take pictures of now! you have a great eye and these extra buttons are going to rock your pictures! love you!

  2. Joni's the best. I can't wait to break out my camera and actually have a chance of taking a good picture! Thanks Joni!

  3. I wish I could live closer to be part of your group... you all do such fun stuff! I'd love a camera training!!! =)

  4. K - maybe you need to come for a visit and be a special guest at one of our meetings?!