Monday, March 21, 2011

Organize Your Ideas

Inspired by several recent blog posts, I have decided to join those who are tackling the paper monster.

Mine was sooo bad that I couldn't see my laundry room counter.

Taking advantage of being snowed in, I also got my taxes done & did some organizing in my idea binder.

That's one area I am quite good at keeping up on.

So I thought I would share my organizational system with you.

It's kind of like Pinterest but a little more tactile. :)

Keep in mind, I don't like to save magazines.
(Except for Mary Jane's Farm & Backpacker)

They take up too much space.

I remove what I am interested in and recycle the rest.

#1 box is for magazines yet to be browsed.

#2 box is for all the things that I liked and ripped out of the magazines.

(or things I printed off the internet or ideas from friends, etc, etc)

I also store my plastic sheet protectors in box #2.

I decorated a plain white 3 ring binder.

(The bigger the better, more room for all those ideas)

Now you need to label some dividers, I used the following categories:







Good Things (It's a great misc. category)

I also have a tab for my Farmgirl Sisterhood Stuff.

I don't do any recipes in this book because I have a separate binder just for recipes.

I then sort through box #2 and make piles according to the categories.

I slip the pages into the sheet protectors; or if they are too small, glue them to a sheet of white paper first.

I will also trim the edges a bit just so the pages look neat.

Then just put your sheets in the proper place & there you go!

At the very front of my binder I have my "bucket list" journal & my Farmgirl Sisterhood membership certificate.

I love organizing all my inspiration.

It's like having your very own custom magazine.

Good Luck tackling the paper monster!
Now I am off to tackle the mountain.....of laundry.


  1. OMG! i thought i was the only one i know who does this!!!

  2. I do the same thing too in a similar fashion. Great idea about the magazine holders though. I'm glad I'm following you.

  3. A girl after my own heart =)
    My idea binder has been neglected for quite sometime, and has changed over the years, but I love browsing the pages and having a place to keep it organized!