Sunday, June 26, 2011

FAM JAM 2011

Want to have a really good time this summer???

Get a bunch of families together & host a Fam Jam!

Sooooo much family FUN!!!!!!

Our hosts Da MH Bomb Team!

Also known as the Mullins-Hoekstra family.

They are the creative force & directors of our little Fam Jam.

There was a t-shirt contest this year.

The Far Out Furrer's!

We are totally groovy!

We were last years dominating team & the winner's of the coveted Fam Jam trophy.

Peace Man, Peace!

The Chrisman Crushers!

Serious competitors.

Team Allen!

Amber cut out all those letters! Go Amber!

Team McLovin McDonalds!

1 team member down in this pic.

I am missing pics of The Patino Crew & The Bombdiggity Bartons! :(

But here's the back of their heads! Tee Hee!

Water Balloon Toss!


Go Avers Go!

Family Relay Race!

Crab Walk, Bear Crawl, Lemon Squeeze, 1 Foot Hop, & Somersaults.

Zach McLovin McDonald taking the somersaults to a whole new level!!

Watermelon eating contest!

Patino Crew girls giving it their all.

Again, Zach McLovin taking watermelon eating to a whole new level, mountain style! ;)

Pretty sure I heard banjos playing.

Just kidding.

Winners of the contest with their down to the rind melon!

Go Far Out Furrer's!!!!

Final score board!

2011 Fam Jam Winners........

The McLovin McDonald Family!!!

Congratulations guys & A big shout out to the MH Family!!!!

Thanks for another amazingly fun Fam Jam!

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  1. looks awesome! fun t-shirts! no mountain bike derby this year??