Friday, June 24, 2011

Snow Cones

I love Target!


$18 for a snow cone maker!!!!

Who wouldn't love that???

I am not loving the plastic straws that came with the paper cups but we washed them in the dishwasher & reused them.

(Makes me feel a little better.)

Who would have know that dye colored sugar ice would make my girls sooo incredibly happy! ;)

They love making them & it's really pretty safe for younger kidos to use on their own.

I am really loving that part!

Years ago we had one but my kids used it so much I think they blew up the motor.

I completely forgot how much they loved it.

Gotta love Target, reminding me of these things.
The day we went to Target I think it was 104 degrees in town.

Snow cones sounded really really good!

The girls made dessert last night!

@ Kirsten - Red totally rocked these chairs!

You were right!

Lovin it!


  1. Love the snow cone maker. Do you have to use a special product with it, or can you just use juice as you flavor?

  2. @ Dawn - all the machine does is shave the ice. so you could really put whatever you want on the snow cones. wooo, maybe I will try sweet tea flavor. :)

  3. That is another great idea! Getting one soon. Mari loves your blog, "amazed!!" Love, Uncle Jeff