Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Fruit

I love summer fruit!


I have been getting 2 baskets of strawberries a day from our berry patch.

All the wet weather we had this winter has made all my berry plants go crazy.

I can't wait for the raspberries & elderberries to be ready.

I picked up some peaches in Avila this weekend at The Barn.

And some really nice person, I can't remember who, brought me some fresh blueberries and put them in my freezer. That might sound strange that I can't remember, but it was the day of the kids graduation party and there was about a hundred people in and out of our house.

I had some sweet friends bring some delicious cherries, a different friend brought fresh picked blackberries & then there was the mysterious blueberries.

If it was you, I am sorry I forgot. :(

Anyways, with all this fresh fruit I decided to make a cobbler.

And I ate it for dinner.

Yep, for dinner.

I just used the same recipe that I use for my cherry cobbler.

It was gooooood!

What's your favorite summer fruit dessert?

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