Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fun Summer Project #1

Every summer we have a kids cook night once a week.
They get to plan, shop and cook an entire meal all on their own.
This week was Averie's turn.

The girls scoured cook books for their recipes and made their shopping lists.
Morgan worked on her menu and list for next week.

Averie is ready to do her shopping at the farmer's market!

Averie preparing her dinner!

Averie's Menu
Cornflake Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Green Salad full of Fresh Veggies
Fabulous Fudge
My kids (even the teenagers) really enjoy cooking. So this is a really fun activity for them!


  1. That looks like the farmers market in Fresno, CA. Could it be? We are heading for Fresno to visit my parents from Denver....we'll have to go and check it out!!

  2. Yes it is! The Vineyard Farmer's market on Shaw and Blackstone. It's my fave!

  3. hey ma'am ive been calling ur cell! this is so cute. my girls cook meals for us all also. Mia LOVES cooking the most. Sunday she made a not so healthy cheeseburger casserole recipe with ground turkey. i wanted to post @ it, but was too late for was GONE!!! TTYL