Monday, June 14, 2010

Tie Dye Cupcakes

These are super easy to make and look really cool! My kids LOVED them!
Basically, you start with a vanilla cake batter and separate it into thirds. Tint with yellow, blue and red professional decorator color. I got mine at Joann's.
Next, add about a tablespoon of each color cake batter to the muffin cups.

Swirl the colors just a bit with a kabob skewer. Don't over swirl or the colors will muddle together.

Bake according to recipe and let cool completely before frosting. I used a basic white vanilla frosting so the inside of the cupcake would be a surprise.

And there you have it! Some pretty groovy looking cupcakes!


  1. im so happy i found ur blog! i'll try this cupcakes tomorrow! it looks so coooooool!!

  2. Thanks Nao! Enjoy your cupcakes.