Monday, June 14, 2010

Peace, Love and Happiness

I chose Morgan's theme for several reasons: 1 - she is a vegetarian, 2 - she wears a peace sign of some form almost every day, and 3 - she tries really hard to always be green! She cracks me up. If she sees someone in town riding their bike instead of driving she rolls down the window and claps, yelling "Good Job"! Never considering, 1 - she might scare them and 2 - maybe they have no other choice, nevertheless I have to admit her enthusiasm for doing the right thing is contagious. So all and all the theme was perfect!The party was also a surprise. Which proved to be particularly difficult because she was home. Lucky for me I have some very willing teenagers, who drove her around and did a great job at distracting her! Even little Averie had fun tricking her big sister. Also, my Mom was here for the whole weekend, including Friday, working her tail off to help me. I love my Mom!

We had mostly adults at the party because we rotate between friend party and family party every other year. I have such a big family it would get too expensive to have school friends and family at one party. I did evites for the invitations. It was sooo easy, free and I like how it keeps a running total of rsvp's so I know exactly how many people. We served an early dinner. Our menu was veggie burgers, watermelon, corn on the cob, coleslaw, veggie chips n dips, and baked beans. For dessert I made tie dye cupcakes and 50/50 ice cream. Favors were groovy granola! (Mostly adults required an adult favor) We used compostable utensils and cups, glass plates, and I made tablecloths with organic cotton. My Mom made flower centerpieces and we used my recycled glass jar collection for the vases. We made a super cute banner and matching cupcake toppers but the location of the banner wouldn't photograph so I don't have any pics of it. :o(
I will post several of the recipes I used so stay tuned!
It was an incredibly fun day and Morgan claims that it was her best birthday yet!

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