Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday!

No, I am not a photographer. Obviously. My goal next week is to work on the quality of my photos. I am still having fun with this and learning a lot.

I am learning the most by looking at my outfits in these photos and evaluating what I wear and what really does not work for me! I recently went shopping for some summer clothes using tips from this blog. I also bought her summer look book and I will be showing you what I bought and what outfits I can put together using her book! That will be next week!

This first pic is soooo blurry and dark. Sorry.
This was a work day and it was very cold.

Jeans - Levis from Costco
White long sleeve T - Old Navy
Gray sweater - local surf shop
Shoes - Gottschalks

Work day again!

Cropped jeans and black long sleeve - Old Navy
Gray blouse - Styles for Less

Field Trip Day!
Boy was it cold but this is my kind of field trip! I love the outdoors!

Field Trip Day!
It was cold but I was warm and toasty!

Longjohns - REI
Northface Hiking pants - REI
Smart Wool Socks and Keen hiking boots - REI
Green Lucky T - Costco
Black cap - World Market

Ewww, pic!
Farm Work Day!
Ancient jeans - Old Navy
T - Apothecary Designs

Crazy Hair Day!
Here's Avers pic first!

Crazy Hair at Work Day!

I picked this outfit using Jennifer's look book!

Cropped Jeans, Tanks, and sweater - Old Navy
Metallic Sandals - Payless
I know I missing some but I didn't feel like farm work day needed to be repeated 2 more times! :o)

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  1. So cute! Can't wait to see what else you come up with from the look book.

    and thanks for the link to her site. Off to check it out!